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Village Style Bedroom

This style is based on simple life that guides poor people in the past in the countryside. Because of poverty, the houses are simple and functional. Typical are limestone walls and rough wood furniture. Because houses often open, walls and furniture quickly turn dark and full of dust. To give a little beauty to the room, the farmers painted furniture with colors and decorated it with carvings.

Dried bouquets and painted household items are used as room decorations. Tablecloths and curtains are rarely found. Towels and bed sheets are made of coarse dark cloth. Because people today love bright spaces, white walls and white lacquered furniture that are part of the style of a modern country house.

There is a romantic style in which fabrics with floral motifs dominate. Anyone who builds a living room or bedroom in a country house style must decide what life ideas he wants to apply. Various types ranging from Nordic style to Spanish finca. Views only look authentic, when everything is stored in a consistent style.

Make the room authentic

If there is something typical of country style that all styles have, it is the use of real wood. The floor must be made of waxed or oiled wooden floor boards. PVC floors, parquet floors or classic fine laminate floors are not suitable for these rooms. For plaster walls or wallpaper structures in using optical plaster. White or bright pastel colors are ideal. Wooden panels from the wooden walls that are similar to the floor boards complete the whole picture.

For the ceiling also offers structural plaster or wood panels. Rustic ceiling lights, reminiscent of kerosene lamps, provide the right atmosphere. If the light is not enough, hidden indirect lighting is also possible.

Country house furniture for the bedroom

Poor people in the countryside have almost no clothes, so a small cupboard is enough. Often there are crates and various chest of drawers in the room. Modern country-style rooms equipped with the highest two-door closets and cabinets with drawers. Both furniture are made of real wood painted or carved.

A large bed with decorated head and feet is the most important part of the furniture for the bedroom. Thick pillows and hairy blankets remind us of the large blankets of the Uromas era.

To create an authentic look, furniture is painted in bright colors with an ideal simple motif. A simple painting, known as a flower painting, is perfect. The alternative is natural white wood furniture.

Perfect decoration

In general, it is important to remain in a style that is consistent and follows the historical model. Fabric carpet or sheepskin on the floor is suitable for this style. Wreaths of dried flowers in a jug or hanging on a wall are classic room decorations. Blankets decorated with cheerful colorful flowers or made from classic farmhouse placards make the day clothes ideal for sleeping.

Beware of lights: Modern reading lights in bed are the current resting style. The light source provides a lot of radiation. Wall or table lamps, reminiscent of old oil lamps, on the other hand, are very fitting. Overall, it is important to design space with natural materials.