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Tips For Small Master Bedroom

With so many properties, in developing cities and diverse choices that suit lifestyle, trend developments in cities, not just large high density metropolises. Here are a few tips for living easily in your small bedroom.

Small Bedroom Photo

In the small master bedroom, the key is to keep it simple. If you can, minimize the amount of furniture. Depending on the style of design, place a small table in the corner and a wall shelf so the room looks more spacious. An option is to install a wall lamp that can be purchased with an arm model that can be adjusted to position, which is great for reading on the bed. Keep the lamp distance to fit the table.

For a hotel look like a sharp, bed with white or solid color. Provide a number of pillows up to a maximum of 4, and coordinate 2 bolsters as a complement. If there is not enough closet space, use clothes storage. Buy a closed door wardrobe system with modular interiors giving flexibility in storage from shoes to belts and sweaters.

Paint or buy back the cabinet with the same color as the color of the room wall to be uniform with the room. The second choice for open cabinets is an open closet system which is a more urban and industrial approach. Hang all of your clothes in a neat arrangement on sharp wooden and chrome hangers and let your latest clothes become your bedroom art.

Keep your best items for display and use secondary cabinets for clothes that you rarely wear. If you can arrange a sitting area in the small master bedroom, choose a location close to the window. Keep the chair small in size and share the side of the bed table to put coffee in the morning while reading the newspaper in the sun. If your window sill is low enough, use a bench as a chair to sit. Most benches provide storage underneath which is a good storage area for bolsters and extra pillows.

Generally in most bedrooms using a table lamp, both sides of the bed are enough for general lighting with fixtures mounted on the ceiling for everyday use. If possible, a series of 4-6 dimmed pots of light can replace ceiling mounted fixtures for modern aesthetics and provide flexibility in lighting options. If further lighting is needed for lighting systems, buy art lamps and hang them at the top of the chandelier for everyday lighting. If the dressing area requires lighting, attach the light bar above the mirror. For lighting in the seat, use an adjustable lamp located directly behind the chair.

Window curtains for your bedroom have a variety of long choices to suit your needs. If you need a dark room to get a good view of sleep for a calm feel in the morning to provide sunlight in the morning, a rather transparent curtain can be an option.