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Stairs Decorating

Stairs are a road that takes us to a higher place. Color and decoration design makes traveling fun. Color is an important appearance for more comfort in the room or even on the stairs. For dark stairs, friendly sky blue. If the stairs have windows, color schemes in fresh colors like orange or green look amazing, bright and modern. The color must be in harmony with the floor and staircase.

A simple and easy way to make a wall is to paint a wall. It attaches to the wall of the stairs. With large ornaments, trees or ornaments, the stairs turn into a beautiful part of the house.

The carpet on the stairs is warm, comfortable and inviting. The carpet muffled the footing so that when stepping it only heard a little roar. Carpets on the stairs must do intensive care. In the winter, the occupants incessantly carry snow and water vapor into the house. Synthetic and easy to clean carpets are recommended.

Where children play, parents must supervise. Stairs with space that is sufficient to guarantee occupant safety during a fire, parents who use a pushchair can pass it.

Soft, warm touches for touch-sensitive hands are provided by luxurious velvet handrails. Can warm in winter and not slippery. But it requires more attention to cleanliness. Cleaning the handle should be done as often as possible.

Old stairs with beautiful decorations make the nostalgic heart beat faster. Soft curves and colors will decorate your home. Decorative wall panels, stair handles and lighting provide many creative possibilities.