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Red decorations For The Living Room At Home

Red is thick and stimulating, but also striking colors. Therefore red decorations must be used consciously when used. Red usually cannot be combined with other red colors. Red walls and red furniture should not be found. Red isolated ornaments can become one. Two different shades of red can create a modern and colorful atmosphere.

In the bedroom, red doesn’t have any effect. In the dining room, red has a positive effect and increases familiarity. Yellow balance with red. The answer to that red color matching question depends on the color red. Warm dark reds like burgundy or red Mars look good on simple colors like beige or gray. Colors with a higher proportion of purple, like purple or ruby ​​red. The orange-red color can be equipped with light blue gasoline to a retro combination.

In the living room, the interior is as important as the color of the wall. Combining red furniture with red walls is not recommended. Red is the best for upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs. Depending on the color of the walls and the decorating of darker colors is recommended, because they are less intrusive. In modern apartments with several colors, the red fire sofa is very attractive.

The red decoration animates simple rooms and serves as attention and visual accents. Red decorations such as candles, vases, pillows, flower pots or art objects look good in modern apartments. If you live in a country house style, red decorations are highly recommended.

Burgundy is a warm red color that looks noble and noble. Bordeaux is one of the few red colors that complement solid furniture and heavy furniture. Red velvet curtains or silk-clad furniture look simple and tasteful. Matches with a darker decorating style. Between the white walls and Bordeaux, bright red wood seemed unsuitable.