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Windows brings light to a room and connects to the outside world. A beautiful window decoration makes the window look attractive. Practical and beautiful window decorations are different possibilities of desire. Inside, curtains are made of brocade or velvet or slightly translucent.

Different materials can be used to make beautiful window decorations. Depending on the season, Easter eggs, rabbits, Santa Claus, stars, or flowers are suitable as window decorations. Paper craft is a classic material for homemade window drawings. If you have children, play with them decorating the windows. Also wood is a good material for decorating windows.

In autumn, colorful autumn leaves are window decorations. This can be a material for photos in a window or frame. Beautiful is maple leaves, which have beautiful colors and have large, beautiful leaves. In summer, pressed flowers bring the freshness of summer into the house.

In winter, fairy lights in the window look beautiful and please passersby. Warm white fairy lights provide a comfortable light, especially in shades of colored flowers or harvest seasons.

The window borders are filled with candles of different sizes. The safest is the electric candle, because at Christmas as a marker of light in the window. Fire is actually dangerous at the window because it can burn curtains or plants. Paper can burn easily.

One of the most beautiful ideas for window decoration is the rainbow crystal. They are available in various forms, usually as lenses or granules. Transparent crystals are replaced by threads in the window and breaking sunlight into rainbow colors.