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Curtains And Window Rays

Drapery is a textile fabric with folds, which are used, among others, as window decoration and a barrier of light that enters through the window. Refers to flat textile fabrics where wrinkles are artificially formed. The type difference is made between woven folds, functional folds, pleated folds and chemical-technical folds. Woven materials are made by weaving machines, where the fold effect can be increased by crepe yarn or yarn with different elasticities.

On the other hand, functional folds are produced on warp knitting machines with blind laying devices, while knitted curtains can be produced on knitting machines manually. Really uniform results can be achieved with chemical-technical folds. Thus, permanent wrinkles are produced with the help of synthetic resins or other chemicals.

For windows you will find folding curtains. Folding curtains fulfill the function as window decorations and as effective protection from the sun. Folded fabric and aluminum rails protect sunlight. Many types, cheap or expensive.

Depending on your taste, you can choose various designs and patterns. You can buy many different folds in various geometric shapes, so that folding curtains are suitable for almost every window shape. Also round windows, roofs and slopes can be equipped with curtains. Many different fabrics and designs make it easier to adapt to your home situation.

Besides its great flexibility, roller blinds have more advantages. So they are very light and relatively easy to install by professionals and operated. Folding curtains must be installed by experienced professionals to make sure everything runs smoothly.