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Coloring The Living Room Wall

Colored walls provide a vibrant feel. Today you can plan and decorate the living room wall to your taste. Wall decor is a cabinet consisting of several parts. Living room furniture offers plenty of storage space, display cabinets, cabinets and blackboards for TV and other technical equipment.

Decorate with vases and displays
Antique vases or bowls in vintage look are great for decoration. Modern pieces of shape also give the impression of art on the living room wall.

Comfortable and stylish
Table lamps, lanterns and candles are not only available for lighting. The lighting emitted provides a feel of tranquility. On the walls, they provide a comfortable and stylish atmosphere.

Plants on the wall
Whether cut flowers or indoor plants – green plants turn on any walls. Several successive small cactus on the board attracted the attention of those who saw it.

Memory on the wall
Personal photos in matching frames are individual accessories for each wall. In displaying their image it looks very good. But be careful, not to overdo it. Because, making the living room walls become a creative mess rather than stylish furniture.

Wall decoration
Art is also suitable for walls: sculptures, statues on the showcase or on a shelf. Miniature paintings and screens placed on the board provide something specific.

LED for the living room
Integrated into LED wall units providing indirect lighting and atmosphere. The lamp can be installed in a display cabinet or under a wall cabinet. For nights when watching TV or relaxing hours with friends, the lights provide the right lighting. How: many versions can be controlled by remote control and have a color change mode.

Decoration Living Room With Orange Wall

Wall mirror
The mirror enlarges the small room visually and illuminates the wall that is too dark. Paste mirror tiles lead to the front of the living room wall. Or, arrange a mirror with a decorative frame.

Old living room wall with new design
Old living room walls that have long been updated in an instant. For this purpose attach it with a wall tattoo or decorative foil. Alternatively, paint the living room walls in modern or timeless colors, like white.