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Clean Bathroom Display

With careful handling and efficient movement, the bathroom can be an attractive room. Thanks to the smooth material and can be easily cleaned. radiant and hygienically clean floors, clean bathrooms for our health and well-being. To ensure that the bathtub, sink and toilet remain sparkling, they need the greatest care with regularity. But that doesn’t have to be a trial every day. Manufacturers have developed easy maintenance tools where dirt cannot even settle. And then there is no need to rub it with energy, so there is no need to scrub intensively.

Short plaster can be useful

Bathroom materials, whether made of glass or plastic, are kept clean for a long time. After using the bathroom, immediately dry the appliance, tiles and equipment. It can be easier to clean the floor surface with cleaning soap. Immediately flush dirt, dust and dust. to reduce spots on the floor.

By removing dirt

Manufacturers constantly research innovations that are not necessarily visible to users but feel their comfort. So now there are ingredients that have antibacterial effects, resist odors and reduce cleansing efforts. For most tiles or ceramics, a layer of titanium dioxide (TiO2) is burned into the glaze. This causes the water to spread as a thin film, flat on the surface can carry dirt with water and remove dirt.

Cleanliness thanks to Titanium

Titanium dioxide also triggers a reaction between light, oxygen, and humidity. This photocatalysis produces active oxygen, which describes microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and germs and inhibits the emergence of new pathogens. This feature is very useful in the toilet. A toilet with an integrated intimate cleansing function, which is in a bathroom in Germany, carries the same self-cleaning function. Here, the bowl is moistened with water before being used and sprayed into the toilet with electrolyzed treated water.

Modern toilets are present without flushing edges

The toilet comes hygienically because it is juxtaposed with a flushing device. Very clean thanks to innovative and efficient water flow. Those with conventional toilets must clean it with a brush after use, to achieve the best cleanliness. Incidentally, modern bathrooms don’t like many cleaners, they destroy their protective layers over time. Acidic sanitary cleaners are enough for toilets and bidets, dishwashing fluids for taps and ceramics. Chalk is best applied with cleansing treatments based on vinegar or citric acid.