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Bedroom Color Decoration

Feng Shui is considered a solution to make you feel at home. The idea of ​​using color for this lesson in the bedroom is clear.

The meaning of Feng Shui
Chinese harmony has nothing to do with the style of interior design. Much more about the idea of ​​life that is conducive to energy flow. So it’s not about feeling comfortable in a room because it’s painted in your favorite color. A pleasant feeling comes from an unobstructed flow of energy. Because European houses are not planned according to Feng Shui, it is often impossible to fully apply the teachings.

Realize ideas in the bedroom
Some things are not that easy to implement, because the layout of an apartment is not easily changed. So the head of the bed must be on the protected wall. This may not be adjacent to the kitchen or bathroom. Pictures or shelves above the bed should be avoided because they can be scary. The door must be visible from the bed, but should not be placed between the window and door. Many rules cannot be implemented because space is too small. In the bedroom there is no refreshing energy to be stimulated, but those who spread peace and harmony. Apart from color, it also depends on the location of the room in the house, the orientation and place where the bed is. Even the direction in which the headrest is important.

Choose the color after the lesson
There are several colors that are very important for the bedroom, according to Feng Shui. Apricots radiate warmth and pleasure. The color is very close to the earth’s energy and ensures a harmonious sleep. Braun also ensures a good night’s sleep. The bedroom is not only for sleeping. If the love life must be stimulated, red, eggplant or purple is the ideal color. It’s enough to be used frugally, some small pillows or rugs in the bedroom are enough. Too much red has an unfavorable effect on sleepless nights.

Green is a dangerous color. Although it provides balance, harmony and peace, it also triggers jealousy and the desire to travel. The forage in the room causes stagnation. Therefore Feng Shui experts suggest careful commitment. In the room where the plant stands, it should not be used.
Interior of the room. The sharp edges that lead to the sleeping pool energy that interfere with sleep. Overall, the room must have a symmetrical and clear arrangement. Close the cabinet door and order to ensure harmony. Who throws his dirty clothes before sleeping in front of the bed disturbs them. Also, street shoes in the bedroom are taboo.