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Decorate the Living Room

The living room is the first place visitors enter your home. True interior decoration makes an unforgettable impression on your guests. Not only as a mirror that gives a message to guests but also gives the soul of art to your living room. The living room is a space that we often use to spend

Guide For Tetra Neon Fish In The Aquarium

Neon Tetra is a small freshwater fish that is popular for aquarium animal lovers and is easy to maintain. Maintaining sufficient quantities will bring light into the aquarium. Neon tetra may be ranked top in aquarium life. Their peaceful nature is perfect for beginners. Neon Tetra lives by making groups, look after at least 5

Choosing Tropical Fish For Aquarium

Knowing how to choose new tropical fish will be one of the most important things ever done in this hobby. What is the best way to choose tropical fish to buy ? The first step that needs to be considered is understanding the nature of fish. There are three fish characters that can be distinguished

Keep Turtles In The Aquarium

The first step is to think of an aquarium size plan because it will only be filled with one type of animal. Especially this is about turtles, they can live on water and land. Keep in mind that some types of turtles will continue to grow as long as they are properly maintained. When maintaining

Starting A Tropical Fish Aquarium

When maintaining tropical fish in an aquarium, providing a comfortable environment for them is an important task, this is part of maintaining, giving health and providing decoration in the aquarium. If everything can be done properly fish in an aquarium can live their lives healthily every day, as a keeper of maintaining the comfort of

Various Aquarium Materials

Aquariums are a living hobby and can be part of home decor, many fans think of the shape of the aquarium that fits the feel of their room. The growing number of aquariums that have gone through so much time that the art of decorating aquariums as a room decorator has been widely circulated to

Kitchen Floor Tips for Foam Floors

Some kitchen areas use foam floors. With the amazing benefits of foam floors, they work well in the kitchen. First you can try various types of foam floors for the kitchen and have a variety of colors that match the floor. The kitchen needs bright colors because not many people like dark colors. The kitchen

Tips For Small Master Bedroom

With so many properties, in developing cities and diverse choices that suit lifestyle, trend developments in cities, not just large high density metropolises. Here are a few tips for living easily in your small bedroom. In the small master bedroom, the key is to keep it simple. If you can, minimize the amount of furniture.

Red decorations For The Living Room At Home

Red is thick and stimulating, but also striking colors. Therefore red decorations must be used consciously when used. Red usually cannot be combined with other red colors. Red walls and red furniture should not be found. Red isolated ornaments can become one. Two different shades of red can create a modern and colorful atmosphere. In

Stairs Decorating

Stairs are a road that takes us to a higher place. Color and decoration design makes traveling fun. Color is an important appearance for more comfort in the room or even on the stairs. For dark stairs, friendly sky blue. If the stairs have windows, color schemes in fresh colors like orange or green look